Frequently Asked Questions


Are LED driving lights only for Jeeps and SUVs?

That is a myth!
LEDs, earlier were available in bars, but now, comes in all shapes – Bars, Round, Oval, & Square; and multiple size options. Essentially, this means that they are not only available for your jeep or SUV, but also motorbikes, scooters, cars, buggy and even trucks.

Why are LED lights better?

Unlike traditional bulbs, which utilize a fragile and brittle metal filament, LEDs are solid state and have no moving parts, making them resistant to shock and vibration.

Traditional incandescent bulbs waste much of the power applied to them in the form of heat. By contrast LEDs run at over 90% efficiency, producing far less heat and way more light. This results in LEDs producing an extremely high light output with a low current draw, thus not damaging your car battery.

The low heat properties of LEDs also make them much safer to work around. LEDs produce pure white light with color and brightness stability and no deterioration in light quality over time.

How long do LED light bars last?

With a lifespan of over 30,000 hours LEDs far outlast any other form of lighting. You could run a LED light for more than 3 years continuously before you would expect to see any LEDs failing.
If you used them for 8 hours a day, every day of the year, they would last over 10 years!

Are your off road light bars waterproof?

Yes, not only waterproof, but all our lights have an Ingress Protection Rating of IP67 or IP68, which means they are totally sealed to dust and submersible upto 1 meter. 


What is the color temperature of your led work light bars?

We offer light bars with color temperature of 6000K (Kelvin) for regular driving, and 3000K for foggy/ unclear driving conditions. 6000K represents midday sun. We have found that light of 6000K offers the highest level of color rendering.
As you increase the color temperature above 6000K the light will become bluish comparatively, and renders colors less accurately, and is also harsher to view. So now you know why some lights just flash into your eye – but when you drive with them, there isn’t much J
As you decrease the color temperature below 6000K the light will become yellowish in color and will also render colors less accurately. 

It should be noted that color temperature is not an indication of how bright a light is. Brightness is measured in Lux and is a direct relationship to the luminous flux (Lumens) and beam angle, not the color temperature.


Which LEDs are used in CarLEDIndia LED lights?

We use USA Cree LED and Taiwan Epistar LED. Cree is a multi-national manufacturer of LED lights with manufacturing facilities in the USA and China. 
Epistar is a professional manufacturer in Taiwan and it’s very famous in the world.


Does CarLEDIndia offer warranty on all its products?

We offer replacement One-year replacement warranty for all CREE based LED bars marketed under the CarLEDIndia banner.

However, we have also tied up/ stocked LEDs and other automotive products from other companies and known brands who may or may not offer warranty. Hence, please look for warranty details within the product details page to know the warranty offered.

As mentioned above, we have also tied up/ stock products from many other well-known brands like Hero GoPro, Drift Innovation, Sparco, Elevo etc. Such brands offer warranty on their products. Hence, for any warranty claims, you will need to get in touch with the manufacturer directly. Having said that, CarLEDIndia will provide complete support in the procedure.


Do I get exactly what I see on the website?

Yes, the site is updated as per the stock we receive!

Having said that, we keep getting new stock every now and then that may have slight design variations. It is our endeavour that we keep the site updated with all such new updations; however, with large stock movements, small variations may/ may not be updated or let me tell you honestly, could be missed. But one thing for sure, there will be no major difference between what you see here and what you receive at home.

How to mount the led light bar?

DO NOT SCREW IN THE BOLT MORE THAN 9/16" INTO THE HOUSING, INCLUDING THE SPACER. Screwing in any farther than 9/16" may cause the bolt to come in contact with the lamp resulting in damage or complete failure.

Do not over-tighten the bolt. Doing so may cause thread damage to the light housing. Using a thread locker (LocTite) is strongly recommended.

Once installation is complete the wire hole located at the head of the bolt MUST be sealed with silicone to avoid moisture from entering the housing. Failure to do this will result in voiding the warranty.

We recommend that the LED lights be connected using a good quality relay set up.